What Kind of Glass Options Do I have?​

With OpenUp® Aluminum and glass windows, your choice of high-performance glass is considerable.  Based on your geographic location and requirements of your project, we can help you select the best glass to meet your needs.

The standard for OpenUp is 1″ thick insulated glass.  The “IG” package is made up of two pieces of 3/16″ tempered glass for safety separated by a black spacer.  This creates a 5/8″ thick air pocket between the two layers which provides a doubling of the insulating value over single glass.

The insulating value of the glass is increased by adding a thin metal layer on the inboard layer of the outer pane.  This layer reflects long-wave heat radiation.  U-value is the conductivity rate of the glass and is the inverse of the insulating value.  The lower it is the better the insulating value.

SHGC is Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and relates to how direct sun can heat up the indoor space.  In practical terms, the lower the number the better it is.

Our standard glass offering is for a hardcoat electrolytically applied coating.  Better insulation value can be gotten with double-silver and triple-silver soft coats.  The triple-silver coatings are most valuable in sunny climates along the southern states.



Plain insulating glass

Hardcoat Low-E (our standard)

Double-Silver Low-E

Triple-Silver Low-E

U= 048    SHGC =0.72

U= 0.33    SHGC =0.61

U= 0.30    SHGC =0.39

 U= 0.29    SHGC =0.27