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About Us

OpenUp™ is a trusted designer and manufacturer of pass-through awning windows. The company is recognized not only for its thoughtful design and engineering but also for its 2Fold® technology, which melds the strength of heavy extruded tubular aluminum with the richness, sustainability, resilience, and beauty of Accoya® wood. OpenUp brings more than four decades of window and door design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation experience serving some of the most innovative companies throughout the United States and Europe.

We believe our choice of materials is key. That’s why we incorporate resources that are recognized for their sustainability, durability, longevity, and functionality. Passionate about design, we want to provide our customers with a modern showpiece and a better home experience that unites their indoor and outdoor lives. Our architectural pieces are intended to beautify, redefine, and transform a space while adhering to a higher set of quality and durability standards.

OpenUp is an Approved Accoya® Manufacturer based in New York. Customers include home owners, builders, architects, and dealers nationwide.

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