OpenUp™ Pass-Through Awning Window

Bring everyone to the table with OpenUp™, the pass-through awning window that invites not only spectacular views but also endless conversations. OpenUp helps the homeowner and commercial establishment upgrade any kitchen space into a shared countertop and serving area. Open or shut, our pass-through windows brighten and expand your space by presenting a broad, uninterrupted view, seamlessly incorporating your outdoor landscape with the warmth and comfort of the indoors.

OpenUp Kitchen Pass Through Awning Window with Sill

Why OpenUp

We’ve brought four decades of window and door design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation experience into developing a pass-through window that is durably constructed, built to last, and able to offer all of the conveniences one expects—like easy operation, extraordinary craftsmanship, exceptional insulation, and affordability. Expand your kitchen space and entertaining possibilities with a high-performance window that begins at just $1,997. Because we use efficient manufacturing processes, we’re also able to ship standard requests in as little as two weeks.

Our signature 2Fold® technology

Unlike traditional wood windows, made exclusively of wood, and aluminum windows, made exclusively of aluminum, we offer you the best of both worlds. This is because OpenUp windows are intelligently designed and engineered using the framing materials best suited for the job. It’s what we call our 2Fold technology, ensuring you receive the perfect combination of strength, thermal insulation, and natural beauty.

Our 2Fold method begins with your window’s critical structural parts, like the moving sash, which need to be strong. Here, we’ve opted for heavy extruded tubular aluminum, which delivers superior insulation over standard aluminum without sacrificing durability or longevity.

For the sash interior (glazing beads) and outside frame, however, we’ve opted for Accoya® wood. Considered a? miracle wood, Accoya® provides the rich finish and beauty one can only get from wood. But unlike other wood species, Accoya® is better able to withstand the elements and resist damaging pests, including termites. Sustainably sourced and fully recyclable, our Accoya® materials are harvested trailing a 12-year growth cycle and are then treated to an all-natural pickling process using an organic vinegar solution. Unlike other metal windows, we use no plastic thermal breaks.

The Specs.

Features meet functionality in a carefully constructed window that has been thoughtfully designed to invite many years of meals, conversations, and memories. Our talented designers have not overlooked any detail right down to our replaceable gas struts at each jamb, both of which are fully concealed when your window is in the closed position. Stainless steel piano hinges secure the top, while a single operating lever is located conveniently at the base of the window for fluid locking, unlocking, and movement. To ensure optimal aesthetics on your countertop, we’ve also eliminated the lock strike and, instead, positioned locking points on both ends of the sash that simultaneously engage with the frame of the window).

  • 35 standard sizes (plus any size in-between to the 1/16th of an inch)
  • Custom sizing available upon request
  • Width up to 120 inches (10 feet)
  • Height up to 60 inches (5 feet)
  • One-inch insulated glass
  • Low-E glass coating upgrades available for higher insulation performance
  • Aluminum parts with paintable chromate primer
  • Primable and paintable unfinished Accoya® parts

Assurance built right in?

More than a window, we like to think of our products as an extension to your home. This means that we design and build every window with care using the highest in engineering standards to ensure they don’t just look good but last through years of heavy use.

This begins with our Accoya® frames, which are joined with mortise and tenon, glazing beads with dovetail keys. It also extends into our aluminum extrusions, which are meticulously crafted using a CNC machine to include heavy corner keys that are sealed and mechanically connected to resist sagging and provide exceptional endurance.

From thoughtful design through meticulous construction in our factory, it’s no wonder OpenUp is the name homeowners trust. An Approved Accoya® Manufacturer, OpenUp provides the assurance of our 10-year limited warranty on top of Accoya’s 50-year guarantee against rot and failure.

Make it your own.

Beyond our standard designs, we provide homeowners with a full range of options to customize their new pass-through awning window to their own specifications. Opt for custom sizes and colors, Low-E glass coatings, glass tints, or laminated glass. Enhance your dining and entertaining experience with optional retractable screens, made-to-order frame exteriors with an aluminum cover, or full sills for those not using their own kitchen countertop. Contact us to discuss custom options, features, and sizes, today.