The Exclusive
OpenUp® Pleated Screen

OpenUp pass-through kitchen windows are great for joining the indoors with the outdoors, but there are times that you want to keep the flying insects and other critters out.

A fixed-in-place screen is not an option since the window is designed to be an active opening with things being passed back and forth.  The best solution is aretractable screens.  They come in two forms: roll-up screens that coil into a canister along the head of the window and our exclusive OpenUp Pleated Screens that pull down and stay in any position until you decide to move them.

Both give you the the convenience of fully open windows and instantly convert to full insect protection.  Because we manufacture the OpenUp Pleated Screen ourselves, the delivery if faster and it works on any size OpenUp window.  You only have to look through the screen when you want the protection.

The screens come factory mounted to the window prior to shipping.  NO muss . . . NO fuss.P